Tactical NA (PC-Ranked)
Windows PC

  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Maps Allowed: Any (See Special Rules*)
  • Game Format: 3x Best of 1 (See Special Rules***)
  • Loadout Time: 60s
  • Round Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Recon Tower Enabled: Off
  • Supply Crates Restock: Off
  • Adrenaline Rush: Off
  • Starting Hour: (See Special Rules**)
  • Weather: (See Special Rules**)
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Realistic Magazine Reload: On
  • Auto-Kick: Off
  • Match Privacy: Invite Only

  • Class Restrictions: None
  • Subbing: Yes (See Special Rules***)
  • Screenshots Required for Match Reporting?: Yes, of last round/map.
  • Max Player Signups For Team: 24
  • Special Rules*: Defender hosts and chooses 1st and 3rd map. Challenger chooses 2nd map.
  • Special Rules**: Challenger chooses Starting Hour and Weather for 1st and 3rd maps, Defender chooses Starting Hour and Weather for 2nd map.
  • Special Rules***: The Game Format is to be set on Best of 1, that will force both teams back to the lobby for Round 2 and again for Round 3 if there is a win. If the map is a draw, that draw round counts as a draw as far as the match total is concerned. The server will attempt to play the map again for a second round, both teams are to toss grenades and kill themselves so it sends them back to the lobby for the second Round/Map. Each Team may sub up to 2 players between maps while in the custom match lobby. If a player drops during the match, the match continues, a new player may sub in during the lobby break or the team has to play a man down. With respect to draws, at the end of Map Round 3, the team with the most wins is the winner. If a team wins the first and second map round, a 3rd map round is not played. Possible Win-Loss-Draw scenarios at the end of 3 map rounds for Win are: 2-0-0, 2-1-0, 2-0-1, 1-0-2. Possible scenarios at the end of 3 for Draws are: 1-1-1 and 0-0-3. In the case of a draw count for the 3 maps, a 4th tiebreaker Best of 1 map/round is played until there is a winner. The Tiebreaker Map is to be set to Lumber Mill, Weather set to Clear, Hour set to 1200, Recon Tower set to On, Recon Timers set to 30s and 30s respectively.

Teams play 3 different maps, each in a Best of 1 format. Each map is played only 1 time, regardless of win, lose, or draw. After the map is won or lost, the server will return teams to the lobby for the next map. Teams may sub up to 2 players between maps. If the map is a draw, the server will force a replay of that map, DO NOT REPLAY THAT MAP! Teams will need to suicide to force the server back to the lobby for the next map and that suicide round does not count. At the end of 3 maps, the winner is the team with the most maps won. If there is no winner after 3 maps (1-1-1 draw or 0-0-3 draw), then you play a tiebreaker 4th map which is to be set to Lumber Mill and teams will play Best of 1 on Lumber Mill until there is a winner with Recon On 30s/30s.

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