Rush NA (XB1-Ranked)
Xbox One

  • Game Mode: Elimination, Uplink, or Extraction (See Special Rules*)
  • Maps Allowed: Any (See Special Rules*)
  • Game Format: Best of 5
  • Loadout Time: 20s
  • Round Time Limit: 7 minutes
  • Recon Tower Enabled: On (Elimination Mode)
  • Recon Tower Spawn Time: 30s (Elimination Mode)
  • Recon Tower Activation Time: 30s (Elimination Mode)
  • Access Point Activation Time: 180s (Uplink Mode)
  • Hostage HP: High (Extraction Mode)
  • Supply Crates Restock: Health & Ammo
  • Adrenaline Rush: On
  • Starting Hour: (See Special Rules*)
  • Weather: (See Special Rules*)
  • Friendly Fire: Off
  • Realistic Magazine Reload: Off
  • Auto-Kick: Off
  • Match Privacy: Invite Only

  • Class Restrictions: None
  • Subbing: No (See special rules**)
  • Screenshots Required for Match Reporting?: Yes
  • Max Player Signups For Team: 24
  • Special Rules: *Defender hosts and chooses Game Mode & Map. Challenger chooses Starting Hour and Weather
  • Special Rules: **If a player drops during the match, they will need to try to reconnect to the match between rounds, or the team must play a man down. A match may be restarted due to a drop on the first round only and only if the other team agrees to a restart.

Teams play only 1 map in a Best of 5 format. The first team who wins 3 rounds is the winner. Draw rounds do not count and are replayed. The Defender Chooses Game Mode and Map while the Challenger chooses Starting Hour and Weather.

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