Season 06 Kicks off with GWL’s first ever Preseason

Welcome to Preseason, a new feature we are trying out for Season 06. Preseason features 2 matches played over the course of 3 days with the intention of allowing your team to test tactics and rosters without hurting your season record. Playing a preseason match will add 5 points to your regular season score for a total of 10 points if you play both matches. Winning and losing both net 5 points, so this is a good time for Captains to run “tryouts” for new recruits.

Preseason rulesets are the same as for regular season. After a win, a captain will report the match on the website just like during the season, however, we will reset the standings before Week 1 and add your preseason points, 5 for each match played, win or lose, for a total of 10. Preseason matches do not have to be played, but teams who play them will have a small point advantage over teams who do not. We suggest playing them.

Captains will need to schedule their preseason matches, you can start matching today, but officially Preseason begins Saturday and will go through Monday. If matches are not played by monday, then you lose your opportunity to get your preseason bonus points.

As for regular season, we are waiting on the Ubisoft GRW update Special Operations 4 which will add 2 new classes to Ghost War and 2 new maps. After review of the new content, we will put up the S06 Regular Season schedule and rulesets. I do not expect much to change from last season, but it depends on the update. We are going to tweak the lag rules for S06 and the Scheduling rules. We will also host our 2nd All-Star Tournament after the S06 Finals, we hope you will be a part of that.

Thank you for being a part of the Ghost War League!

As always, we will see you on the battlefield!

– Specter


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