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Ghost War League Season 09: Week 6

08/31/2019 - 09/07/2019

Current Week Matchups

  • Team Captains are responsible for contacting and setting up Early Matches
  • Each team bans one of the maps, the third map with its game mode is then played
  • Each team bans two of the times, the fifth time is then played when playing on Saturday Day 8
  • Host teams must have their time and map bans posted in Discord scheduling no later than Wednesday Day 5 and Visiting teams must post their time/ban ban by Friday Day 7
  • Winners are responsible for reporting matches, losers only confirm reports. Only report a match if you won!
  • Each team may request one 24 hour extension this season per League Rules
  • Lag tests are required prior to the start of every match unless waived by both Team Captains
  • Host teams must have the server up and invites sent before confirmed start times
  • Please use Discord scheduling channel to setup match times



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One thought on “Ghost War League Season 09: Week 6

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    Not sure of the process for next season but I’d really like to join a team that has an organizer if possible. Tired of playing with people that don’t use mics. IM WAY TOO COMPETITIVE!!! Please message me. MastaBlasta0812 PSN “GamerTag” / GOLD I MastaBlastaIIKA Xbox Live “GamerTag” GOLD II

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