1. These are the GENERAL RULES. These rules supersede all other rules. Please visit the ladders page for ladder-specific rulesets and server settings. Please visit the League Rules page for League Rules. Please visit the Tournaments page for Tournament-specific rules and rulesets.
2. All rules are subject to change at GWL’s discretion. It is the responsibility of each player and Team Captain to know and understand the rules set forth in each ladder.
3. By registering on the Ghost War League website you hereby agree to know and abide by these rules to the best of your ability.

1. Team Captains are responsible for creating and managing their own teams.
2. A registered player may play on one and only one team per ladder per platform.
3. There is no minimum time a player must have been a member of a team before they are eligible to play on a Ladder.
4. Multiple registrations are prohibited. Each player may only have one GWL account.
5. Unregistered players are not permitted to play on any GWL Ladder nor may they sub in during a match.
6. Players are required to play under the gamer tag alias they used when signing up on the ladder. This is your Uplay, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live user ID. Playing under any other alias while matching in a ladder is prohibited.
7. A valid working email address is required for all registered players.
8. Usernames or team names are prohibited from containing terms or phrases which are vulgar, sexually explicit, or offensive in nature. Using such names will result in your team being deleted from the ladder.
9. Players are prohibited from registering “disposable” accounts or sharing their accounts with other players. Teams are doing this to allow players access to multiple teams during the same season. You are responsible for all actions taken with the account you registered. Players caught sharing accounts will be banned as will the players using said accounts. Do not create accounts for other players. If players have issues registering, have them contact support and we will create the account for them.

1. Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War with the latest updated version is required for matching.
2. Any software required by Ubisoft for cheat-free gameplay, including Easy-anticheat, is also required for matching on GWL.
3. Any and all cheating or hacking software is scrictly prohibited. This includes software that manipulates gameplay, alters memory, alters files, or any other 3rd party hack or cheat.
4. Glitching inside of walls or objects is prohibited. If you accidentally fall into or glitch into an object, you must attempt to free yourself from the glitch or notify the other team that you are glitched using in-game chat. You are not permitted to battle in the match while glitched, or use glitches to hide in effort to force a draw.
5. If Ubisoft takes the online servers down for maintenance during a match which causes client disconnects, the match shall be replayed at both teams earliest convenience, using the same maps and time/weather settings.

1. PC players are required to have a PC capable of running GRW at 30 fps and may use a mouse and keyboard or a controller when competing in GWL’s Ladders, Leagues, and Tournaments.
2. Xbox players are required to have an Xbox One console and must use a 10-button + dpad + 2 thumbstick controller when competing in GWL’s Ladders, Leagues, and Tournaments. Mouse and Keyboard devices are prohibited.
3. PlayStation players are required to have a PlayStation 4 console and must use a 10-button + dpad + 2 thumbstick controller when competing in GWL’s Ladders, Leagues, and Tournaments. Mouse and Keyboard devices are prohibited.
4. Controller add-on devices, mod packs, turbo controllers, and any other controller or controller device that modifies the base controller, hacks game files, or provides automatic button presses are prohibited.

1. The Winner of a match is tasked with reporting the match via the Report page within 30 minutes of the end of the match, the loser must then confirm.
2. For the Rush and Tactical ladders, the losing team captain must confirm the match loss within 24 hours using the reports page or a loss will be charged to the team and 1 strike issued.
3. Winners must post a screenshot when reporting the loss. The loser should also take a screenshot, in case of a dispute.
4. For the 4v4 Tactical ladder, each team is to take a screenshot at the end of each round and save it, but only the final map/round screenshot is to be submitted. Save the others in case of a dispute!
5. If a winning team submits a match with the wrong score, or submits a win against the wrong team, please contact that team and have them delete the match and resubmit it. If you cannot, then feel free to dispute the match and the admins will handle it. Please be sure to save a screenshot of the match score.
6. League Admins are not permitted to admin confirm their own matches.

1. If you are caught cheating, you will be username/email/IP permanently banned.
2. If you are banned, and find a way to bypass our ban, and we find out, you will be banned again.
3. If you are caught “playing the system” and matching yourself with second accounts on the 1v1, or any ladder, you will be banned.
4. GWL reserve the right to suspend or ban players who violate any of these rules, forum rules, or discord rules. So keep the rules, have fun, and don’t cheat!
5. If your team is issued 3 strikes for failure to report within the allotted time frame, your team will be deleted from the ladder the offense was committed on, and you must start over. A suspension may also be issued at admin discretion for abusing the system.
6. Using game glitches or exploits to do something the Ubisoft devs do not intend players to be able to do is prohibited. This includes using emotes to gain access to speed boosts. Users caught using exploits will be suspended for 1 or more games. Repeated exploitation will result in an account ban.

1. GWL uses Discord as its main communication medium to our community and players.
2. Players who use Discord are required to follow all Discord rules as posted in GhostWarLeague.com’s official Discord server.


Last Updated 2/13/19