Starting in Season 09, all Registered players who wish to participate in the seasonal Ghost War League must pay a one-time $10 League Player Account Upgrade Fee. This fee activates your account as League-eligible. Free accounts are still eligible to play in GWL’s free ladders and free tournaments, but only paid accounts may participate in the League. Once you have paid the $10 fee, your account is permanently upgraded for all future seasons. This is a one-time payment designed to deter free “burner” accounts from participating in the League. Team Captains who register their teams for Season 09 or any future season are automatically registered and the $10 fee is waived.


Do I have to pay to play in the league?

Yes, unless you are a team captain. To participate in the Ghost War League you must have an upgraded account. Admins will drop any free accounts from team rosters starting in Season 09.

I’m a team captain, do I have to pay the $10 account upgrade fee?

No. Team Captain accounts are automatically upgraded to League Player Accounts upon team registration and payment.

As a Captain, can I recruit free account players to my team roster?

All free accounts will be purged from team rosters when rosters lock at the start of each season. Make sure your players are league upgraded or you may find yourself undermanned during the season.

Do I have to pay this $10 fee every season I want to play in the League?

No. This is a one-time account upgrade. Once you pay the fee, your account is permanently league-eligible for the life of your account in all future seasons so long as you stay in good standing with GWL.

Why is GWL charging players $10 to compete in the league?

Due to the increasing number of burner accounts, smurfs, and account sharing, we felt it necessary to begin charging a fee to deter such activity.

What will GWL do with all the fees from player account upgrades?

We plan to use the money to host our own tournaments. The fees will pay for prizes, shoutcasters, and advertising.

Do I have to pay to play in the Ranked ladders?

No. Free accounts are welcome to create or join teams and compete in our free ranked ladders as much as they want. Only league play requires an upgraded account.

Is there an age limit to upgrade to a League Player Account?

Yes. Users must be 17 years of age or older to upgrade their accounts to League Player status and to compete in the Ghost War League.

I’m a League admin, do I have to pay the upgrade fee?

No, League admin accounts are automatically upgraded.

How do I pay the fee and get upgraded?

Please provide your GWL Email Address associated with your registered account along with the unique Discord name of your GWL Discord account in the fields below. Your unique Discord name is similar to: “GWL_Specter#0026”

How do I know if I or a player I wish to add to my team is eligible for League play?

Eligible players and their emails and/or Discord ID’s are listed on the website menu under League > Eligible Players. On Discord eligible players are also given an “League Player” role.

By clicking “Pay Now” you certify that you are at least 17 years of age or older and agree to abide by all rules as posted on and accept that failure to abide by said rules may result in the moderation, suspension, or removal of your account including any account upgrades and the loss of any payments made for such upgrades.

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