• a) Roster Requirements. Team Captains are required to create a team for the League with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 players on the roster. Captains may use this team for each Season they participate in. Team Captains may only register one team per league each season.
    • b) Registration Fee. Each team is required to pay a $50 registration fee when signing up for the League.
    • c) Multi-Team Participation. Players may play on one league team per platform at any given time each season. Xbox and PlayStation and PC are different platforms.
    • d) Refunds. Team Registration Fees will only be refunded if fewer than eight total teams are registered at the start of the season for that league & platform. Team Owners may request a refund at any time prior to the Season start listed on the Registration page.
    • a) Roster Caps. Rosters are capped at 7 players per team. Teams may not exceed roster cap limits and are required to have no less than 2 players on their roster at any time once the season officially begins or they will be subject to weekly roster forfeits.
    • b) Roster Locks. Rosters may be adjusted by Team Captains until the day prior to the start of Week 2 (August 2nd), at which point rosters will be locked for the season.
    • c) Prize Eligibility. The 3-7 players on the championship team’s roster are the only players eligible for the tournament prizes.
    • d) Team Conduct. Team Captains are responsible for the actions, conduct, and sportsmanship of their players in matches and on Discord.
    • e) Subbing. Subbing during a match between rounds is permitted if a player drops (intentionally or unintentionally) during the match.
    • f) Special roster exceptions. After rosters lock, no roster additions will be permitted unless it is for special unforeseen circumstances (to replace a player who has had suffered emergency health problems, has been deployed, or died).
    • g) Roster Drops. Captains are permitted to contact an admin at any time during the season after rosters have locked or after trade week to remove players from their rosters who have conducted themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner, however, we will not allow the vacant roster slot to be filled in this circumstance.
    • h) Age. All League players must be 17 years of age or older.
    • a) Points & Seeding. Teams are awarded 30 points for each win, 10 points for each draw, and 1 point for a loss/forfeit as well as 5 points for each Preseason match. Additionally, teams are awarded 1 point for each Positive Round Won shown as Differential (DI) at the end of the season to their total score and lose 1 point for each Negative Round Lost from their total score.
    • b) Rankings. Tournament brackets are arranged in the traditional best vs worst, mid vs mid seeding. Teams are seeded by rank and ranked first by points, second by DI or RW/RL Differential. Each positive DI counts as one bonus point to the end-season points total. If points are equal, we will then look at the RW/RL %, and finally we will look at the season matchup between the 2 teams in question. The team who won during the season matchup will then rank higher than the team who lost with all other things being equal. This is how we will determine tournament seeding; Points + DI, then RL/RW %, then season matchup winner.
    • c) Advancement. At the end of the 5 week regular season, the top 8-16 teams (depending on total team count) in each League will advance to the League Tournament.
    • d) All-Star Tournament. At the end of each Season, the community will vote for the top players nominated (who must have participated in said season) to advance to the end-of-season All-Star Tournament.
    • a) Team Schedule. Maps, time of day, weather, and custom lobby settings are all chosen by the League for each week of play. You can find this information on the Schedule Page. It is the responsibility of both team captains to make sure the server settings are correct before starting the match.
    • b) Server Settings. Matches may not be started until server settings are verified by both Team Captains. Matches that are not played according to the League server settings are not valid and will not be counted unless the losing Team Captain confirms the match report.
    • c) Divisions. Team Captains may select which regional division (East EU/AU and West NA/SA) they wish to play in when registering, the league scheduling software will then weight the team matchups first by your own division before playing the other division.
    • d) League Weeks. There are 8 days in a League week. League weeks begin on Saturday (Day 1) and end on Saturday (Day 8).
    • e) Match Scheduling.  Matches are scheduled by the League each week for Saturday (Day 8) but Teams may play their matches early between Saturday (Day 1) and Friday (Day 7) according to the rules mentioned below in subsection F.
    • f) Early Matches. Team Captains may elect to play their weekly matches early (Days 1-7). This is done by communicating with the other team captain and scheduling and playing the match prior to Day 8 of the current week. Early match scheduling MUST be confirmed in the Discord scheduling channel by both team Captains/designees or admins will not be able to enforce no shows.
    • g) Late Match Extensions. Each team is allowed to request ONE match extension per season giving them an extra 24 hours to schedule their match. This extension must be agreed to by the other team prior to Saturday (Day 8) and would allow for a Sunday (Day 9) Match. Late match extensions must be requested from an Admin by a Team Captain prior to Saturday (Day 8) of that weeks matchup. Late matches must be played on Sunday (Day 9) at the time confirmed in the Discord scheduling channel by both team captains. Admins must verify the other team has agreed to the match extension.
    • h) Map Banning. Each week, each team will ban 1 of the 3 maps posted on the Team Schedule page. The host will ban the first map, the guest will ban the second map. The third remaining map is then played for that matchup. See subsection i for time ban deadlines.
    • i) Time Banning. Each Saturday matchup comes with 5 League-set match times indicated on the Schedule. The Host is required to ban two Day 8 match times and 1 map no later than Wednesday (Day 5) in the Discord Scheduling Channel. The visiting team must then ban 2 of the 3 remaining times and communicate the remaining time to the host team no later than Friday (Day 7) in the Discord Scheduling Channel. The remaining unbanned time is then the league scheduled match start time.
    • j) Hosting. Teams marked with an (H) on the team schedule are server hosts and must have their server set up with an invite sent out to the opposing team captain or designee on or before the scheduled or confirmed start time or face a no show forfeit.
    • k) Grace Period. Visiting teams (not hosts) are given a maximum of 15 minutes grace from the official or scheduled match start time before the match must start. If either team team has less than 4 players in the server after 15 minutes, then they must play with what they have until a sub is able to come in, however, if a team only has less than the 3 player minimum in the server 15 minutes after scheduled start time, they no show forfeit.
    • l) Proof of Victory. Victory-screen screenshots showing a 5-? victory are required for admins to confirm matches. The screenshot must either be uploaded with the match report or posted in the Discord League Scheduling channel. The losing team may elect to confirm a match without a screenshot at their discretion.
    • a) No Show Forfeits. Teams that do not show for scheduled matches with at least 2 eligible players on the confirmed date/time (which was confirmed in discord scheduling channel or through challenges) will be charged a no-show forfeit. The team who showed needs to contact an admin to report the no show loss. No show forfeits will only be awarded if the match was confirmed in the League XB1/PS4/PC scheduling channel on discord by both team captains or through the challenge system. 5 Rounds Won (RW) will be added to the winning team’s RW.
    • b) No Contest forfeits. Teams who do not meet time/map ban deadlines may be charged (at Admin discretion) a No Contest Forfeit. To request this, a team captain must contact an admin to report the time/map ban deadline violation.
    • c) Draws. In the event that neither team matches by the Day 8 deadline, did not schedule a match, did not receive a match extension, or did not make any effort to match, admins will award both teams a draw and both teams will receive 10 points. No Rounds Won will be added to either team’s RW in the event of a draw.
    • d) Match Forfeits. A team may contact an admin during a scheduled week and request a forfeit. Admins will then report the match with the forfeiting team being charged a loss and the opposing team a win. 5 Rounds Won will be added to the winning team’s RW.
    • e) Season Forfeits. If a team contacts an admin requesting to forfeit the season, all of their remaining scheduled matches will be forfeit and the opposing teams will receive a win. 5 Rounds Won will be added to all winning team’s RW for the remaining season matchups.
    • f) Roster Forfeits. Teams will automatically forfeit a match if they have less than 3 players on their roster by Day 8 of the current week. Teams must get their roster up to the minimum of 3 prior to their weekly scheduled match to avoid a roster violation forfeit. Teams which have not filled their roster after the roster lock deadline will forfeit the remainder of the Season.
    • g) Disputing Match Reports. Team Captains may dispute a match report if it contains an invalid score or invalid winner. This is done on the Match Reports page. Admins will then attempt to verify the match results and assign the correct score or winner.
    • a) Matches must be played with a minimum of 3 players per team and no more than 7. Subbing during a match is permitted between rounds. Teams with less than 3 players at the scheduled time are charged a no-show forfeit.
    • b) It is the responsibility of the winning team to report the match with the end-of-match/final-score screenshot. Admins will confirm all matches, but the losing team may also confirm via the website or email. Screenshots are required for admins to confirm matches.
    • c) A minimum of 8 registered teams per ladder platform are required by GWL to validate a season. If there are less than 8 registered teams on the League Ladder by the deadline date, the season for that platform will be cancelled and registration fees refunded to the registrants.
    • d) All other general rules on the Rules page are valid for the League unless otherwise noted. GhostWarLeague.com reserves the right to alter or change these rules as necessary.
    • e) League Admins are not permitted to admin/supervise/referee their own team’s matches. Discord Mods may not handle Discord disputes regarding their team or teammates.
    • f) Lag Testing. Lag tests are required prior to the start of any League match unless both team captains wave the lag test during scheduling. The lag test waiver confirmation must be public for admins to see in case of lag complaints later on. Servers must be set on Quarry, Best of 1, for 3 minutes. Teams are permitted to shoot one another but may not eliminate the other team and force the test to end. The Lag Test must go for a full 3 minutes. Teams must allow the other team to check any suspected players for lag during the lag test. No hiding players or afking permitted. Rezzing must be permitted. During the lag test, players are to check for lag, rubber-banding, and latency issues. If either captain suspects lag in the other team’s roster, they must contact an admin for their platform who must then be invited to the game as an observer. The admin will now proceed to investigate the reported player(s) in observer mode. Teams are to follow admin instructions regarding the lag test. If the admin confirms the lag, the player will be required to remedy his lag and return. If the lag persists, the player will not be permitted to play the match and the other team will be given 15 minutes to get a sub. Another 3 minute lag test will commence to check the sub’s lag. If no admin is available during the lag test for observation, the match must be played as scheduled. However, if replay evidence shows that lag resulted in a match loss, the results of the match may be overturned by the admins.
    • g) An Observer/Spectator is permitted but only if he/she is a GWL approved Shoutcaster and has been requested by one of the participating Team Captains prior to the start of the match. Under no circumstance are teams permitted to invite an observer to the match in progress that is not the match approved shoutcaster. If a non-approved Observer/Spectator joins the match in progress (this does not include the server lobby or lag test), the team which invited the Observer/Spectator to join the match shall be charged a forfeit loss. It is the responsibility of both team captains to make sure that the server settings are set to “Invite Only” to prevent unauthorized observers from joining the match. It is also the responsibility of team captains to send out match invites only if a member of their team has dropped from the match in progress. Shoutcasters are prohibited from using their observer role to “cheat” for teams they are shoutcasting for.
    • h) Shoutcasters are to follow the Shoutcaster rules set forth on GWL’s Discord.
    • i) A Team Captain who agrees to a Shoutcaster is not permitted to back out on the Shoutcaster’s shoutcasting of the match unless the Shoutcaster also agrees to back out. This is to prevent last-minute cancellations.
    • j) If either Team Captain requests a shoutcaster, the other Captain may not deny the caster from shoutcasting the match.
    • k) Hollow Points. Using the hollow points perk is prohibited. If a player uses hollow points during a round, that round is forfeit. The team captain is to order his teammates to nade/suicide themselves to force a round loss. If the team captain of the team in violation of this rule does not force a round loss due to their use of hollow points, the team using hollow points shall forfeit the match. If both teams are caught using hollow points, the match will be a draw.
    • l) Player Disconnects. If one or more players DC from the match (regardless of round) prior to any players being killed by the opposing team, the match is to be restarted and reset to the official score. If the score was 3-2, the two teams would then suicide until the score is back to 3-2. If the disconnect happens after a player has been killed, then the match is to continue with exception to the disconnect happening on Round 1. If any players disconnect on Round 1 (regardless of kills), the team captain of the team with the disconnect may ask the other team captain for a courtesy restart. It is up to the other team captain to grant the courtesy restart on Round 1. This is a courtesy restart and not mandatory. However, no courtesy restarts are permitted after round 1. Disconnected players should be re-invited to the server by their teammates and reconnect to continue playing.
    • m) Host Disconnects. If the host drops during a match causing all players to quit and the match to end, the match is to be restarted and both teams are to frag suicide until the score is back to where it was prior to the host dropping with the host drop round counting as a loss for the hosting team. If the score was #?-4 against the hosting team, and the host drops, the game is over with a score of #?-5.
    • n) Sapper Class. Using the Sapper Class is prohibited. If a player uses Sapper during a round, that round is forfeit. The team captain is to order his teammates to nade/suicide themselves to force a round loss. If the team captain of the team in violation of this rule does not force a round loss due to their use of the Sapper class, the team using the Sapper shall forfeit the match. If both teams are caught using Sappers, the match is to be restarted if on the first round, or a draw if after the first round.
    • o) Player Reporting. Team Captains are responsible for reporting players on their team who violate the League Rules or General Rules in regards to hacking, cheating, DDoSing, or other bannable offenses during League play. Failure to do so may result in a ban of both the offending player and the team captain or entire team. If you know someone on your team is cheating, report them.
    • a) The seven players on the Xbox championship team will each receive $50 in Amazon gift cards which will be issued to their email address they registered with on GhostWarLeague.com. The seven main players on the PlayStation championship team will each receive $50 in Amazon gift cards which will be issued to their email address they registered with on GhostWarLeague.com.
    • b) If there are less than seven total players on the championship team, then the Team Owner of the championship team will receive the excess prize payouts in the form of gift cards for each player less than seven on the championship team’s roster.
    • c) Total prize payout for the Xbox League Tournament is $350, The total prize payout for the PlayStation League Tournament is $350.
    • d) Shoutcasters who are selected to cover the Tournament Finals will receive compensation equivalent to that of a member of the championship team.
    • e) The All-Star Tournament MVP will receive a $50 console-specific gift card.
    • f) The Shoutcaster(s) who are selected to cover the All-Star Tournament will receive compensation on par with subsection (d) above.

Last Updated 7/11/19