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Ladder Name:
1v1 Multiclass (PS4)
This is an ELO Rating-based ladder for individual competitors. This is not team based so anyone can compete against anyone.
  • Game Mode: Elimination or Uplink (See Special Rules)
  • Maps Allowed: Quarry (Elimination) or Sub Factory (Uplink) Only
  • Game Format: Best of 3
  • Loadout Time: 20s
  • Round Time Limit: 3 minutes
  • Recon Tower Enabled: On (Elimination)
  • Recon Tower Spawn Time: 30s (Elimination)
  • Recon Tower Activation Time: 30s (Elimination)
  • Access Point Activation Time: 60s (Uplink)
  • Supply Crates Restock: Ammo Only
  • Adrenaline Rush: Off
  • Starting Hour: 1200
  • Weather: Clear Sky
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Realistic Magazine Reload: On
  • Auto-Kick: Off
  • Match Privacy: Invite Only

    • Class Restrictions: Recruit Only
    • Subbing: No
    • Screenshots Required for Match Reporting?: Yes
    • Max Player Signups For Team: 1
    • Special Rules: Defender has option to host or defer to Challenger. The player who is not hosting the custom lobby chooses Game Mode. In the case of player drops, GWL understands that player drops can and do happen due to network issues, we also understand players can drop intentionally, therefore, if a player drops on the first round, the dropping player may ask for a restart of the match pending the consent of the non-dropping opponent. If the drop occurs during the 2nd or 3rd round, the dropping player is charged a forfeit loss and the non-dropping player wins by forfeit.

    Teams play only 1 map in a Best of 3 format. The first team who wins 2 rounds is the winner. Draw rounds do not count and are replayed.

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