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Ladder Name:
4v4 Pro League S02 (XB1) - IN PROGRESS
The 4v4 Pro Seasonal Ladder is an elite competition where teams must battle through a regular season to earn their right to compete in the Pro Seasonal Tournament. Only the top 4 teams will enter the single-elimination tournament.

Should I create a new team?
If you are a first time Pro Team Captain you must create a new team when signing up for the Pro League. Please prefix your pro team name with "PRO" i.e. "PRO Alpha Squad." Do NOT use an existing non-Pro 4v4 team in the 4v4 Pro Ladder! The teams are separate.

Should I use an existing team?
If you are a Pro Season vet and already have a Pro team which you are the captain of, please sign up using your existing Pro team from earlier seasons.

Registration Fee
Joining the Pro League Seasonal Ladder requires teams sign up here and then pay the $20 registration fee. To pay your $20 Team Registration Fee, please click the link below:


After paying your registration fee, please click CONTINUE below to complete your registration.

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