Site Update 1.6 is now Live fixing a lot of bugs and adding new email notifications

Site Update 1.6 is now Live

– Changed our mailing system from PHP Mail to SMTP mail. Users should see less GWL mail going into their spam folders.
– Added User Email Notifications for the following actions:

  • challenge received
  • challenge accepted
  • challenge declined
  • your match was disputed
  • your match was reported
  • your membership request was accepted/declined
  • a user requests to join your team
  • you were invited to join a team
  • your petition to join a ladder/tournament was accepted/rejected
  • tournament check-ins are now open (must be signed up)
  • tournament has started (if you are signed up)
  • tournament matches set
  • you have been eliminated from the tournament

– Updated team membership requests so users can no longer request to join the same team multiple times
– Fixed a bug allowing a player to join the same team more than once via duplicate requests.
– Fixed a bug preventing ladders from displaying by console version and grouping all together.
– Fixed a bug preventing the user team tag edits from saving correctly. You can now change your team tag without contacting support!
– Fixed a bug that broke double elimination tournament loser’s bracket when check ins were used. Those brackets now appear correctly.
– Fixed a bug causing team names not to appear in the Admin report result confirmation message.
– Fixed a bug causing team names not to appear in the User challenge confirmation message.

If you find any new issues, please report them to us, thank you.

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