Site Update 1.3.2 Rosters Update is Now Live

Site update 1.3.2 is now live which fixes ladder roster cap limits and adds the ability for admins to lock rosters.

Roster cap limits:

  • 4v4 Rush and 4v4 Tactical ladder teams are capped at 24
  • Pro League teams are currently capped at 6

Teams over cap will not be able to join a ladder with a lesser cap limit, they must first reduce their roster size. So joining the Rush to go over cap before joining Pro League won’t work. Pro League teams need to be unique and only used for the Pro League. Additionally, team captains will not be able to add players to their team if the team is capped, the software will check all ladders the team is on to see if the team is a member of any ladder which adding a new member would exceed cap. So it’s best for teams to have their 4v4 Rush/Tactical, and Pro League teams separate.

Roster Locks functionality has been added.

Admins may now lock team rosters which prevents any member of the team from being added or removed by team captains, it also disables the ability of players from being able to leave the team. This functionality will be used for Pro League ladders only.

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