Season 03 Tournament, Season 04 Registration, 4v4 Multiclass Tournament


Season 03’s regular season has finished, and we are now entering the S03 Pro and D League Tournaments which begin Saturday, June 30th. The top 8 teams from each League ladder will advance to the Preliminary round of the League’s Single-Elimination Tournament.

Season 04 Team Registration is now open through July 22 at

Changes coming to Season 04? Yes. Season 04 will replace the Windows PC Pro League with a Windows PC D League in hopes to re-develop the PC competitive community. Combo registrations are being removed, in Season 03 Team Captains were the only players able to play in both the Pro and D Leagues if they had a team registered in both, now they are going to be stuck to one team only. Map banning is coming to Season 04, each week there will be 2 Elimination maps and 1 Uplink map to choose from, each team will get to ban one map, and the third map will then be played. Roster locks will happen the day before the beginning of Season 04 (July 27th) for both Pro and D Leagues, but each team will be allowed to replace up to 2 players for any reason with another player who has not participated in Season 04, with exceptions to the Team Captain who cannot be replaced.

The 4v4 Multiclass Tournament begins July 14th. It used to be the 2v2 MCT, now it is the 4v4 MCT. Registration is still $20 and it is still Recruit-class only. Click here to register your team for this double-elimination skill-based tournament.

GWL will also be featuring a 4v4 Pre-Season Tournament July 21st, free entry. Teams will be able to check their rosters in the PST and make changes. The prize for winning is $30 off Season 04 League Registration, for a D League team, that means free registration.

Season 04 is ramping up to be an exciting season, we hope to see you all on the battlefield!

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