Welcome to the 4v4 Pro League Team Registration page for Season 02. Team Registrations are open from 1/20/18 thru 2/18/18.

All teams must pay a $20 registration fee via PayPal each season to compete in the 4v4 Pro League. The top 4 teams per platform will be sent to the single-elimination Pro League Seasonal Tournament, with the winning team for each platform receiving 4x Amazon eGift cards which can be used to purchase merchandise or Steam, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network credit on Amazon.com.

Your team’s $20 registration fee will be refunded in full if there are fewer than 6 teams registered for your platform (PC, PS4, XB1) at the start of the current season (February 24th, 2018).

Please click the Pay Now button below to register for the current Season 02 of the 4v4 Pro League. Please be sure to tell us which team you are registering in the box below!

By clicking “Pay Now” you verify that you are 18 years of age or older and accept and agree to abide by League rules and that this $20 team registration fee will only be refunded if there are fewer than 6 registered teams signed up by the start of the current league season. You also accept and understand that teams may only have 4 registered players on their roster during the Pro Seasonal Tournament and prize payouts in the form of Amazon eGift cards will be sent to the email addresses of the 4 current players on the roster of the team who won the Pro League Seasonal Tournament championship.

Name of Team being Registered?

If you have any questions, please contact Support.

Thank you.