North American & European Ladders have arrived!

Today is a big day for Ghost War League. Many changes have taken place to our Ranked ladders.

First, the 1v1 and 2v2 Multiclass Ranked Ladders have been removed. This is a result of a lack of interest in our community. We may bring them back again in the future if there is enough interest, but for now, they are gone.

Second, the 4v4 Rush and 4v4 Tactical Ranked Ladders have been reset to remove all the inactive and stagnant teams which was causing a lot of frustration when it came to challenges. Teams would challenge teams that simply were not around anymore. A reset was requested and today it happened.

Finally, with the reset of the Rush/Tactical ladders comes the introduction of our new regional ranked ladders. North American (NA) and European (EU) versions of Rush and Tactical ranked ladders have been introduced for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Unlike the previous rung-up versions of these ladders, the new ladders are ratings-based to prevent top-rung camping. Teams with the highest rating will be ranked at the top. Beating higher rated teams will improve your rating more than beating a lower ranked team. Also, losing to a higher rated team won’t affect your rating as much as losing to a lower rated team. This should keep competition close and make lower teams have to work harder to get to the top.

We hope you like the changes and don’t forget to sign up your team on the new ladders.

See you on the Battlefield!

– Specter

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