GWL’s Season 04 Tournament begins Saturday

Season 04 has come to a close, and the top 8 teams from each league will be advancing to the GWL Tournament Quarterfinals which begin this Saturday at 7pm UTC. Please check out our Discord for a list of streamers and shoutcasters to catch all the action live. Below is a list of the matchups and their season rankings. Congratulations! We hope to see all teams back next season as we will be making several adjustments to our League rules based on community feedback.

  • Supreme Ghosts R8 vs R1 False Memories(S03C)(H)
  • Guerilla Mobb R7 vs R2 Diversity(H)
  • Wolf Gang Squad R6 vs R3 Wasted Talent(H)
  • Phantom Gaming R5 vs R4 Murda One(H)
  • Flawless Mafia R8 vs R1 Ghost War Operators(H)
  • Kills From Cover R7 vs R2 Triple G(H)
  • God Given Talent R6 vs R3 False Memories 2(S03C)(H)
  • HVT Alpha R5 vs R4 Murda One D(H)
  • LZRD Squad R8 vs R1 Tortured Nightmare(S03C)(H)
  • Guns of Anarchy R7 vs R2 Lazer Shark Explosion(H)
  • Foreign Fighters United R6 vs R3 Zen Kings(H)
  • Bravo Zulu Elite R5 vs R4 Bad News(H)

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