2v2 Multiclass Double Elimination 3-Day Tournament Begins February 23rd!

GhostWarLeague.com is pleased to announce our first 2v2 Multiclass Double-Elimination 3-Day Tournament which Begins February 23rd. 2-man teams will be competing in a Best of 3 game format on Uplink mode using the Recruit class only. Buy-in is $20 per team, prize-payouts will be $100 per team. A minimum of 6 teams are required to be signed up per platform/region. That’s right, we said region. Not only will we be hosting a tournament for each platform (XB1, PS4, PC) but also per region, aka North America and Europe. So which 2 players will prove to be the best Recruits? We will have to wait and see. The tournament begins on Friday with matches being played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until all but one team has been eliminated. The winning teams will receive $100 in the form of 2x $50 Steam, XBox Live, or PlayStation Network gift cards which can be redeemed for games and content. Sign up your team today at GhostWarLeague.com

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