Site Update 1.3 is now LIVE with many fixes and improvements to our software

Here at, we are always looking to improve our software and give our users a better experience. That said, site update 1.3 is now live with the following changes/fixes:

  • Replaced team invite and join team with Invitations and Requests. All Invitations are sent via email. All requests are linked to the user requesting membership and must be approved.
  • Users may now change their gamer tag.
  • Added ladder and tournament competitions data to team profile page.
  • Updated team owner leaving a team; owner cannot leave team while ranked as owner. Instead he should promote another member to owner and then he may leave team.
  • Fixed a bug allowing inactive ladders to display to public. Those are now correctly hidden.
  • Fixed a bug causing “https://” to prepend to “https://” avatars/websites in edit team profile.
  • Fixed a bug causing the challengee to be lost when issuing a challenge from view ladder standings.
  • Fixed a bug causing a broken link to be sent to challengee recipients.
  • Fixed a performance issue on the edit player and team profile page related to reading the flag directory each time.
  • Minor CSS tweak to ladder sign-ups.
  • Removed username from being displayed. Everything related to individual players now use display_name.
  • Removed the ability for individuals to use different names per competition. Individual competitions will always use his or her display name. This change was necessary to simplify team management, registration, and to add support for changing display names and team names.
  • Removed match history from team profile page. This will be added back in a later update.
  • Removed orphan challenges, ladder entries, ladder matches, tournament entries, tournament matches and team members for ladders, tournaments and teams that had been previously deleted.
  • Other Misc. Bug Fixes & Improvements.

Users will want to login and go to My Competitor Profile and update their Name to their Uplay, PSN, or XBL gamertag.

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