Ladders | Tournaments is a competitive Ladder & Tournament fansite dedicated exclusively to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War and built by experienced & dedicated Ghost Recon (2001) players.

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Dedicated to Ghost War

Ghost War League is dedicated to competitive Ghost War players featuring 1v1 Multiclass, 2v2 Multiclass, 4v4 Rush, and 4v4 Tactical Ranked Ladders as well as 4v4 Pro League and 2v2 Multiclass Tournaments.


Ghost War League was founded by seasoned Ghost Recon competitive players who started playing together in 2001 when the original Ghost Recon was released for PC. We matched and/or admined on ladders such as Fragpin, Team Warfare League (TWL), The Combat Zone (TCZ), The Art of Gaming (TAG), Squad Games, and War League Gaming. Since then we have continued to stay loyal to the Ghost Recon franchise and wish to bring back some of the old memories and experiences of the old days while making a lot of new memories here at GWL. It is our sincere hope that you will join us.


While there are many other ladders and leagues out there, none are fully dedicated to Ghost War. As experienced Ghost Recon players, we know the difficulties in finding a good ladder to match on. Ghost War League is dedicated to providing ranked ladders, weekend tournaments, and a seasonal pro league competition to meet your competitive gaming needs. Ghost War League currently features 1v1 and 2v2 Multiclass Ranked Ladders, 4v4 Rush & 4v4 Tactical Ranked Ladders, a seasonal 4v4 Pro League Ladder & Tournament with prizes, and a 2v2 Multiclass Weekend Double-Elimination Tournament also with prizes.


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